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My name is Arina. I am a healer, psychic, clairvoyant and an extrasensory perception (ESP) expert. Due to the high diversity of services that I provide, I often combine all four manifestations during one session. Therefore, it is quite difficult to prioritise one of these domains of my knowledge and ability. From a more global perspective though, I would refer to the services that I provide as esoteric help.

Esotericism (also, sometimes referred to as Esoterism or Esoterics) is a scientific tradition grounded in mysticism, which aims to expand our understanding of the human nature and the world we live in. In ancient times this knowledge was communicated only to those who were initiated into the mysteries. The initiates did not have the right to disseminate this knowledge publically. Esoteric teachings include knowledge accumulated throughout the centuries and passed on from one generation to another. Traditionally, under the umbrella of Esotericism you may include such notions as Occult Science, Magic, Mysticism, non-traditional Medicine, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Feng Shui, and many others.

I was born in a beautiful part of Moscow region, Russia, which houses many different research institutes, and yet, mystical beliefs were common there and legends were part of the everyday life. Hence, my interest in occult sciences was well understood and received. My gift was apparent since I was a child, however, the realization of the unconventional nature of what was happening to me came later. The mysterious side of things always attracted me, and the forbidden mysteries attracted me even more. Since the time I remember myself, I was trying to find the way into the inexplicable and largely unexplored world which exists outside the dimensions of the everyday reality.

I loved to read the cards with my friends. These were all childish amusements but when I was reading the cards things were happening as I was predicting them which surprised me and gave me a sense of joy. I had a child dream to meat a true gypsy who would teach me to read the cards in the most authentic manner. And not only to read the cards but also to read the palm.

Amazingly, all of my childhood dreams and desires were realized. I was lucky to learn not only card and palm reading, but also the deeper mystical techniques that were passed on to me by remarkable teachers from Russia, England, Indonesia and Australia. Also, I discovered the gift of a healer and a psychic within myself. At one point, I realized that I can diagnose and use my hands to heal problem areas including tumors, inflammations, energy blocks and disruptions in energy body (aura). In my practice I also use ancient shamanic and healer techniques. When I submerge a person into a hypnotic state, I remove the illness and restore inner energy balance of the body.

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