Thank you, Arina, I am well now, I am healthy and can enjoy fully my life...

The first time I met Arina was more than five years ago. I was 23 years old then. Despite my young age i was virtually dying. I had terribly constant headaches for many months, i had crumps, severe stomach aches. After meals I suffered nausea and even some occasions of vomiting. My body was so weakened that I could hardly walk.

I had a full health check. Many tests, x-rays and other examinations are too many to list. What is surprising that with my feeling so poorly – all my test results were excellent, without anything wrong and no visible reason for the way I felt.

My grandmother insisted that we attempt to use non-traditional methods of treatment. She was confident that I had a curse on me. (As it turned out later, she was right).

If it were not for Arina’s help, I do not know if I would be alive today, as with each day I was feeling worse.

Thank you, Arina, I am well now, I am healthy and can enjoy fully my life.


Thank you Arina, you returned my happiness to me.

Dear Arina,

I am very grateful to you!

The changes that are happening in my life and around me, thanks to your work, are really like magic!

After I learnt so suddenly about my husband’s infidelities, with which I had been living for over 15 years, I simply did not want to live. From a calm, levelled person that I was, I turned into a psychopath; my hands were shaking; my tears were running uncontrollably; insomnia was exhausting me to such degree that I could not do anything at all.

After a few sessions with you, I started to return to life. Strange changes were happening inside me, as if I was no longer me. I started seeing my situation in a different light. I became calm and tranquil, as before.

What is most interesting, my husband returned to me with apologies. He told me that it was the biggest mistake of his life, that he asks me to forget everything and if I can – forgive him.

Thank you Arina, you returned my happiness to me.

Thank you Arina

I came across Arina by chance. There were problems in my day to day life and my health began manifesting some changes. Over all Arina helped me to remove jinx, normalise my business, and I became her regular client.,

Once a month I had a healing session, energy clearing and sometimes I asked Arina to check my cards.

One of the healings Arina said that she felt some thickening on the right side in the salivary gland. I did not feel anything myself and did not pay much attention to that. In a couple of weeks I started to feel a discomfort in that area. I went to a doctor. He examined it, but there was nothing. In a week the sensation of discomfort got worse. I insisted to be referred to ultrasound, which showed a tumour. The tumour was at such an early stage that even the doctor was not able to feel it yet. I had a surgery and I feel fine now.

Thank you, Arina.


The surgery was no longer necessary

I was on the waitlist for a surgery. Groin hernia was troubling me for a few months. I visit Arina for prediction work.

While she was reading my cards, she noticed the forthcoming surgery, but mentioned that she could see the possibility to avoid it.

I was surprised, but Arina told me that she will work with me to remove the hernia in a few sessions. To cut the long story short – the surgery was no longer necessary

Thank you, Arina.

She taught me what I needed to do and all settled straight after.

I asked Arina a strange favour. My friends were making fun of me saying that I would need a psychotherapist. Despite their jokes, I dared to seek help from Arina.

My wife passed away and for a number of months already, but she visits me every night. When I visited Arina, she told me the reason, that she could see of what was the cause of my wife’s passing, how long she was unwell for and she also described my wife’s character. She even told me the reasons for my wife’s visitations. She taught me what I needed to do and all settled straight after.



I had two gallbladder stones. I was suffering very strong pains quite often. Doctors were suggesting to remove the gallbladder so as to avoid the possibility of developing problems with the thyroid. After a few sessions with Arina I started to feel much better. When I completed the entire treatment plan, I had a scan and no stones were found at all. Fantastic!

I work and live a healthy active lifestyle

Problem that I turned to Arina with was a lung cancer. Doctors refuse to operate on me. This was four years ago. We started session work with Arina. I do not wish to go into all details, but even doctors were very surprised at what has happened.

Three lesions disappeared entirely and one became much smaller and encapsulated. I continued sessions once a month and at this stage, thank God, I am standing on. I feel wonderful. I work and live a healthy active lifestyle.


I can say with confidence that you are now my best advisor and assistant.

I am a businessman. I run a number of businesses in Australia and a few – in other countries. When I met Arina for the first time, she helped me greatly, gave some advice in relation to every one of the businesses. She told me which complications may arise and even clearly described the managers.

Generally I obtained clear information as to how it would be better to invest my funds and in which areas it was better to wait for a while. I was amazed that Arina suggested to me even days of the best business endeavours and days of signing the documents. I can say with confidence that you are now my best advisor and assistant.

Thank you.


Huge thank you!

My daughter Gabbie is 5 years old. She started to stutter half-a-year ago for some unknown to us reason. She was a normal healthy child before then.

Arina worked with Gabbie for one month. Now my little girl speaks normally again.

Huge thank you!


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