Diagnosis of a whole range of diseases

People often ask me: When seeing a patient, can you say upfront what's wrong with him/her and what caused the problem?

Sometimes I can say it upfront and sometimes I need several sessions. When I diagnose the cause of the illness, I adopt a systemic approach: I use the extrasensory perception of my palms to find the problem area and Tarot cards in order to identify the seriousness of the problem and how deeply it is engrained in the body of the patient.

Tarot cards also help to identify the root cause of the illness which may potentially be a serious disease. Palm reading (Palmistry) allows me to determine whether the illness/disease has got karmic roots and the degree to which it can be treated. Sometimes, a disease represents a Karmic burden. In such cases, the disease is incurable, however its clinical course can be corrected by relieving pain and extending the person's life.

This unique method allows detection of diseases at their early stages of development.

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