Feng Shui of private and business premises

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of designing and creating a harmonious environment. Feng Shui is based on the belief that energy patterns are generated and affected by everything we do, built or create. Feng Shui uses the placement of buildings and objects as a means of managing and harmonising the energies in our environment with our personal energies.

For example energy in your house and your wellbeing may depend on: landscape, electromagnetic fields around your house and even where front door is placed and what it faces.

Wrong entrance position can create bad relationship, diseases, losing money or even death.

Often people seek my help in resolving various issues related to their workplaces and residential properties, i.e. removing negative influence from these premises in order to provide a positive impact on the relationships that are created and maintained within. In these cases my usual practice is to conduct cleansing ceremonies using various esoteric techniques, which allow me not only to clean the premise, but to improve the general conditions of living and working in this place. A systemic approach which combines geomantics, Feng Shui and ancient magical techniques give excellent results.

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