The World that is Hidden

Arina's natural insight, expertise in extrasensory perception and her knowledge of esoteric techniques allow her to help people by improving their health and leading them to success and prosperity.

From Russian Newspaper: “Vremya” (Time) January 2012

Addressing our readers' demand, we publish the interview of our journalist Andrey Palevsky with Arina, a famous healer and clairvoyant from Melbourne.

It's almost impossible to interview Arina, not only because she does not like giving interviews but also because of her huge workload. We arranged an appointment but, I must admit, I was still hesitant about it. My fears were unjustified. The clairvoyant was a young attractive woman: nonchalant hair style, a bright and attentive look, an elegant modern dress.

- Arina, how should one call you: a healer, an extrasensory perception expert, a clairvoyant? How do you perceive yourself?

- I am a healer, a clairvoyant and an extrasensory perception expert. Due to the high diversity of services that I provide, I often combine all three manifestations during one session. Therefore, it is quite difficult to prioritise one of these domains of my knowledge and ability. From a more global perspective though, I would refer to the services that I provide as esoteric help.

Esotericism (also, sometimes referred to as Esoterism or Esoterics) is a scientific tradition grounded in mysticism, which aims to expand our understanding of the human nature and the world we live in. In ancient times this knowledge was communicated only to those who were initiated into the mysteries. The initiates did not have the right to disseminate this knowledge publically. Esoteric teachings include knowledge accumulated throughout the centuries and passed on from one generation to another. Traditionally, under the umbrella of Esotericism you may include such notions as Occult Science, Magic, Mysticism, non-traditional Medicine, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Feng Shui, and many others.

- Then I've got a question: what triggered your interest initially and how did you get involved in the esotericism?

- I was born in a beautiful part of Moscow region, Russia, which houses many different research institutes, and yet, mystical beliefs were common there and legends were part of the everyday life. Hence, my interest in occult sciences was well understood and received. My gift was apparent since I was a child, however, the realization of the unconventional nature of what was happening to me came later. The mysterious side of things always attracted me, and the forbidden mysteries attracted me even more. Since the time I remember myself, I was trying to find the way into the inexplicable and largely unexplored world which exists outside the dimensions of the everyday reality. I loved to read the cards with my friends. These were all childish amusements but when I was reading the cards things were happening as I was predicting them which surprised me and gave me a sense of joy. I had a child dream to meat a true gypsy who would teach me to read the cards in the most authentic manner. And not only to read the cards but also to read the palm. Amazingly, all of my childhood dreams and desires were realized. I was lucky to learn not only card and palm reading, but also the deeper mystical techniques that were passed on to me by remarkable teachers from Russia, England, Indonesia and Australia. Also, I discovered the gift of a healer and a psychic within myself. At one point, I realized that I can diagnose and use my hands to heal problem areas including tumors, inflammations, energy blocks and disruptions in energy body (aura). In my practice I also use ancient shamanic and healer techniques. When I submerge a person into a hypnotic state, I remove the illness and restore inner energy balance of the body.

- Arina, from your point of view, what are human diseases and what are their root causes?

- The root cause of any disease is in a lack of energy deregulation in the body. It is similar to а missing bolt in a complex instrument: apparently, all major parts are in place, but the instrument is not functional any longer. Often, this problem has a heterogeneous nature having been intentionally introduced into the body of a person in a form of evil eye, curse, or damnation.

- When seeing a patient, can you say upfront what's wrong with him/her and what caused the problem?

- Sometimes I can say it upfront and sometimes I need several sessions. When I diagnose the cause of the illness, I adopt a systemic approach: I use the extrasensory perception of my palms to find the problem area and Tarot cards in order to identify the seriousness of the problem and how deeply it is engrained in the body of the patient. Tarot cards also help to identify the root cause of the illness which may potentially be a serious disease. Palm reading (Palmistry) allows me to determine whether the illness/disease has got karmic roots and the degree to which it can be treated. Sometimes, a disease represents a Karmic burden. In such cases, the disease is incurable, however its clinical course can be corrected by relieving pain and extending the person's life.

- Which diseases do you put your hand to and which do you avoid?

- In my practice, I've got multiple records of curing nervous system related diseases, various kinds of psychological disorders including
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • epilepsy
  • nervous tics
  • stuttering
  • migraines
  • immune system disorders
  • gastrointestinal tract disorders
  • cancer
  • hernias
... and others.

My methods also proved to be very effective in rehabilitation of people after chemo- and radiotherapy.

Often I see clients with an obscure presentation of their health condition. Despite normal medical examination results, the person starts languishing, which may be accompanied by such symptoms as chronic fatigue, nausea, bone and joint pain or convulsions. Conventional medicine is not particularly helpful for these people as it focuses on curing the physical body, which may not eliminate the root cause of the problem. In cases like these, however, the help is necessary at the energy level, i.e. energy body (aura) revitalization and the removal of the alien negative energy transmitted by means of evil eye, curse or damnation.

- Arina, what is your attitude towards the conventional medicine? I heard that some healers refuse to engage in healing practice if the client also resorts to the traditional methods of treatment.

- In my view, the non-traditional medicine complements the standard practice medicine and by no means excludes it. In combination they give the best result.

- Could you please elaborate on the various types of threats that you have mentioned in our interview: evil eye, curse and damnation? They sound very serious and it would be interesting to know more about the nature of these threats and how to address or avoid them.

- Evil eye, curse and damnation are the types of alien, or in other words, heterogeneous negative energy.

Evil eye is the result of a negative bioenergetic influence of one person upon another person. It can result in an illness that is manifested through various forms of physical and mental disorders. The affected person suffers from energy imbalance. The person's biofield (human energy body, aura) is breached by the negative intent of the other person. This causes damage to the aura of the affected person and, subsequently, lead to the energy outflow. Evil eye may be targeted (if it's, for example, caused by envy, malevolence) or unintentional (mother who praises her child in front of others may involuntarily cast an evil eye on her child).

If the curse is inflicted on one's business, the person may all of a sudden go into bankruptcy or endure substantial unexpected losses. Damnation is a more powerful and destructive type of curse, which can be transmitted through generations.

- Arina, do you believe that there are karmic health problems which have originated in our past lives or do you think that all illnesses are acquired during this life experience?

- Karmic illnesses represent the effects of our past life sins. They may as well be inflicted by damnations put on the whole family tree, in which case they reflect the genetic memory of our ancestors' sins and are transferred up to the forth generation.

- I see. And what is the fundamental cause of illness that is not karmic in origin but is acquired in this life?

- Most of the acquired diseases start by the deterioration of the energy body, which then triggers various dysfunctions of the physical body. This happens due to the harmful effect of the negative energy that resides in the person's body or has been introduced from an external source. I categorize negative energy sources into four major types, one of which we have already classified as the negativity coming from other people.

The second source of negativity is quite common, whereby the person’s own negative energy causes self harm. Hence, this type of energy has a clear self-destructive element to it.

The third source is the negative energy of a particular geographic location, i.e. the so called geopathic zones.

And the fourth type is represented by hostile ecological zones created by humans.

- Arina, what are the geopathic zones, how to identify their location and how to protect oneself against their harmful influence?

- Geopathic zones are Earth's electromagnetic fields of natural origin. The world surface is covered by a network of electromagnetic lines. The confluence of these lines with underground water courses and other obstructions create distortions of the Earth's electromagnetic field thereby changing its normal frequency to a level that is harmful to most people and other living species. If a person spends prolonged time in а geopathic zone, which may, for example, be located in the person's workplace or bedroom, a significant deterioration in one’s health may potentially occur.

I would highlight the following ailments in relation to the negative influence of the geopathic zones:

  • sleeping disorders
  • fatigue after waking up
  • apathy
  • intracranial pressure
  • chronic migraines
  • anxiety
  • depressed mood
  • shivering attacks
  • intense itching
  • tremor
  • unpleasant
  • pressure in the region of the heart
  • numbness in hands and calves
  • stomach, liver or intestinal malfunctions
  • allergies

Furthermore, prolonged exposure to geopathic emission can lead to serious health problems including:
  • asthma
  • blood disorders
  • infertility
  • tumors of various kinds

It should be mentioned that the sources of strong geopathic emission are rare. A human being can be exposed to moderate geopathic emission without notable harm to one's health. However, it may well happen that a private premise can contain active and strong foci of geopathic emission (sometimes also referred to as geopathic stress lines) which need to be neutralized.

- Is there a method for identifying the potentially dangerous geopathic zones and neutralizing their negative impact upon human wellbeing?

- Yes, there exists a method for identification of geopathic zones which is called dowsing. An effective method of neutralizing the negative energy of the geopathic emission is called earth acupuncture and descends back to the ancient shamanic practices.

- Arina, as far as I know, many people seek your help. What are the most common problems that people present with?

- Commonly, men and women are seeking my professional help to resolve their family and business problems. In cases like these, my task is to help them with improving family and business relationships by guiding the problem solving process, providing answers to the questions that are critical and by identifying the root causes of negativity in a given problem. For these types of problems, my help and advice are based on Tarot cards reading, astrology, and other occult techniques.

It is also common for people to seek my help in resolving various issues related to their workplaces and residential properties, i.e. removing negative influence from these premises in order to provide a positive impact on the relationships that are created and maintained within. In these cases my usual practice is to conduct cleansing ceremonies using various esoteric techniques, which allow me not only to clean the premise, but to improve the general conditions of living and working in this place. A systemic approach which combines geomantics, Feng Shui and ancient magical techniques give excellent results.

I am often approached by business people. My prediction technique of the most successful day and month for conducting an important event (i.e. closing a deal) helps people to avoid pitfalls and get maximum profit, minimize loss and find reliable business partners.

There is a high demand for diagnostic services that are based on my extrasensory abilities where I use my palms as a scanning tool. Extrasensory perception allows me to identify the presence and the location of serious diseases at an early stage. A lot of my clients also value the alternative methods of treatment that I provide, which contribute to the recovery from many diseases.

* * * Early in my practice, I believed that the bioenergetic approaches are only able to influence people’s physical health. However, with time, I came to an understanding that balancing of aura and harmonising of chakras allows for a more global positive change in the person’s life.

- Arina, could you please tell us more about your client group?

- I see people of very diverse backgrounds. There are males and females, young and old, business people and homemakers, executives and even politicians. My primary task is to help those who seek my assistance. I don’t classify problems as trivial or significant, if someone needs help, I’ll be there for the person, that’s my credo.

- How accurately can you foretell the future using tarot cards?

- It is possible to gain a rather precise indication of what the future holds. Tarot cards can also provide guidance in determining the best course of action in a specific situation, the success of the new enterprise, the potential outcome of the romantic relationship and so forth. Furthermore, Tarot cards can reveal the date of a certain event that one might inquire about.

I believe in the existence of significant life experiences that people are destined to face in one way or another. But the route that we take, whether we go straight, to the side or follow a winding path, is our decision to make. Tarot cards can guide us in choosing the shortest and the most successful way. This, however, does not imply that the chosen path will be easy, as each person has a unique karma. Tarot is a wonderful life guide, providing physical and psychological support.

Tarot is one of the oldest and the most mystical instruments for predicting the future and finding answers to the important questions. There are many other ways of future telling - using wax, coffee grounds, tea leaves and so on - but not one of these methods can compete with Tarot cards in the degree of accuracy and precision of the prediction.

- Can there be any harm associated with the use of tarot cards?

- Definitely not. One can only blame self for the harm that he or she endures.

- Arina, how many of your predictions are actually fulfilled?

- They are constantly being fulfilled. I maintain ongoing contact with many of my clients who provide feedback on what has come true and what has changed in their lives after seeing me. Fortunetelling can not only reveal the future, but can also be used to shape one’s fate.

- Do you use only the cards to tell the future?

- Not only the cards. The knowledge of astrology, numerology and palm reading allows me to see the picture more clearly and obtain information that is more specific.

- Is it possible to predict future or break a curse from a distance?

- Yes, that is possible. I have clients living interstate or even overseas, who contact me by telephone or using Internet.

- Arina, do you see yourself as an extraordinary individual?

- I do see the world and perceive the people in a unique way, yet, all people in this world are unique. One person is mastering mathematics, while the other practices healing. Yet, there are fewer true healers than mathematicians. Fortune-tellers are skilled in predicting future events and unraveling people’s fate. Yet, talent alone is not enough for these difficult tasks. It is a complex approach that has to be delivered by a professional who possesses profound knowledge of esoteric techniques.

- Thank you very much, Arina. What final advice would you give to our readers? Can they count on your help in the future?

- When deciding to participate in this interview, I was guided by the wish to help people and to provide them with the knowledge that is necessary in our everyday lives. I would like to wish good health to you and the readers. A meeting with me can be arranged by calling:


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